Seventh-Day Adventist Church

North East Jamaica Conference North East Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventist serves the constituents of St. Mary and Portland.



The Boundbrook District is numbered 8 in the line-up of North East Jamaica churches and is situated in north-eastern Portland, bordered on the east, west and south by the Port Antonio, Hope Bay and Stanton districts respectively and on the north, of course, by the Caribbean Sea. It embraces a varied topography ranging from the rugged misty hills of Rock Hall, through the freshness of Mt. Pleasant with its panoramic view of the northeastern coast line; St .Margaret’s Bay, the cozy village with wide sweeping beaches; Snow Hill, hugging the undulating curves of the mighty Rio Grande; to populous Boundbrook in the heart of residential Port Antonio.

Boasting a population of 730 baptized members, the district is comprised of four organized churches and a company. It includes daunting mountains, brown and white sand beaches, the mighty Rio Grande river, waterfalls, several scenic and remote retreat spots, guest houses, a college, an extension campus of an international university, two secondary level schools, five primary level schools and several pre-primary schools. These include Portland High and Preparatory Schools, Mount Pleasant Basic School and the Adventist Educational Centre, all SDA institutions.

There is no major source of income in the District and most of its members are in the lower middle to poor socio-economic bracket; being mostly subsistence farmers, small-scale entrepreneurs and tradesmen, with a sprinkling of teachers and other professionals. Migration, especially the urban drift, takes its toll upon the area as our younger persons leave in search of better opportunities. Crime and violence are at a minimum, by comparison with most other sections of Jamaica.

The communities have, to a great extent, been exposed to the Adventist message and the field still is open to witnessing. Our churches have active Community Outreach programmes, providing food and educational opportunities for the community.


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