Seventh-Day Adventist Church

North East Jamaica Conference North East Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventist serves the constituents of St. Mary and Portland.




On Emancipation day, August 1, 2006 in the centennial year of West Indies Union, the little town of Dover in the parish of St Mary witnessed the birth of the North East Jamaica Field. Its consecration took place on the week-end of August 18&19, 2006. Union Secretary Derek Bignall gave the charge on Friday Night; Northern Caribbean University president Dr. Herbert Thompson, delivered the divine hour message on Sabbath morning and West Indies Union President Dr. Patrick Allen conducted the service of consecration on Sabbath afternoon.

The intermittent torrential showers amidst thunder and lightening did not dampen the spirits of the more than two thousand church leaders, members and well-wishers, from the community and local fields and institutions who crammed the huge tents to give their support to this bold initiative of the Union.

In his response, field leader Arlington Woodburn declared that, while appreciating modern trends and utilizing intellectual and technological acumen; Biblical Principles guided by the counsels of the Spirit of Prophecy will be adopted in fulfilling the mandate to evangelize, educate and applying the principles of stewardship family life and community services in the new field.

The Territory of the North East Jamaica Field consists of the Parishes of Portland and St Mary

In a population of 194,284 the North East Jamaica mission field boasts a membership of over eighteen thousand Seventh-day Adventists, one hundred and five churches and companies, sixteen pastoral districts, three schools and a worker force of seventy nine full- time workers.

The Head Office was the pastor's vestry at the Dover Church and Sixth form student of Titchfield High School and member of the Mullet Hall church, Tania Sinclair, manned the office during the first month of operation.